Areas Where SRS Synthetic Turf Provide Its Amazing Services

Among the world’s best suppliers and installers of artificial turf, SRS is prominent among them. The SRS grass synthetic turf has gained such level in the market just because of the quality of the products and its services. The SRS synthetic grass turf is a premium trade that delivers its products and services to the Melbourne and the surrounding areas as well. A synthetic is a perfect option for the areas where there is no or less maintenance. It is beneficial because it does not require water for irrigation. You can save your time, water and money. The lush, thick and green grass will make beautify your gardens. It will give you feel of freshness.

As in the surrounding areas of Melbourne the SRS grass turf provides its services. We may let you know it also provides its services and products to the following areas:

* Residential areas

* Commercial areas

* Sporting areas

Your kids and pets will love because the synthetic turf is free from hazardous and allergic fertilizers. It is non-chemical and non-toxic. Your kids and pets will be safe as there is no stress of fertilizing and mowing. It is UV stabilized and is perfect for residential commercial and sporting areas. Many schools and playgrounds are installing SRS synthetic grass turf.


Don’t miss out the look of your front yards, backyards, terrace, and gardens. Beautify them with the lush green grass and give a new look to your playgrounds and gardens. Our residential artificial grass is here to make your gardens look beautiful within reasonable pricing. Make your home a place that is full of greenery and happiness.


Do you ever feel the need for commercial grade synthetic turf? Here are your partners SRS team will ensure to help you in making your synthetic turf experience unbelievable. Our professional will make efforts in renovating your gardens and make them beautiful.


For the sporting purpose, outdoor stadiums artificial grass is used. Due to its playability, the grass is suitable is perfect for the grassy playgrounds.


Wholesale synthetic grass pricing is offered by the one and only SRS synthetic turf. Check out and choose the best synthetic turf according to your lawn on wholesale rates.

Book your appointment and get the best quality products and services with SRS synthetic grass turf.